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Access Statement


17 Burgate is a 5 bed roomed boutique bed and breakfast. The property is a renovated townhouse midway between Pickering town centre and the Castle. Parts of the building date back to the 17th Century and the main body of the house is 19th Century.
17 has been renovated in keeping with its period and setting and this in itself has implications for accessibility. The property forms part of a terrace with access directly from the pavement at the front and through the garden at the rear.
We try and cater for as many individual needs as possible but the age, style and position of the property do lead to restrictions outlined in our summary.

Pre- Arrival

Pickering is a small market town in which the main street has a noticeable slope.
There are raised pavements and footpaths but disability access point are provided.
The walk from 17 to the town centre and church is only a couple of minutes. It is a 5 minute walk up a gentle gradient to the Castle.
Pickering is well served by public transport and buses regularly run to Scarborough, Malton, Whitby, York and the villages on the North Yorkshire Moors.
The area is also served by a Moorsbus service during the main tourist season.
The nearest mainline railway station is in Malton some 7 miles away.
The main roads for bus routes are a 5 minute walk from 17.
There are a number of taxi companies in the area and they do have vehicles suitable for a range of disabilities.
Brochures and menus can be provided in large print by prior arrangement and we are happy to provide detailed answers to any queries.
We have a comprehensive website including a Virtual Tour which gives a very good insight to the layout in the property.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

The car park is at the rear of the property and accessed from Willowgate.
There are marked bays for 5 cars and ample space for a further 2 vehicles.
The car park has concrete surface and access from it to the rear garden and property is through a gate with a width of 107 ms.
There is a gentle sloping concrete path to the rear staircase which has 9 steps each with a 6cm drop and a 24cm depth ,the staircase is 115cm wide-there is a wrought iron handrail on these steps.
Once in the courtyard there is flat paved access to the rear entrance door which has a 94cm width and a final 4cm step.
We are happy to assist guests with luggage and provide physical support and guidance if required.

Rear Entrance and Reception

Due to the position of the car park the majority of guests enter the property from the rear door. This gives access to a flagged vestibule and tiled hall leading through the property to the front door. The reception point is in the hall through a 80cm wide doorway.
The reception point is 8 metres from the rear door and the hallway is a minimum of 140cms wide.
We register people at a desk in the hall way but are happy to allow guests to fill in the documentation in their rooms if this is better for them.
There is a chair next to the desk and a large space for luggage to be placed in during the check in procedure.
The bar/lounge is also accessed from the rear vestibule area and this can be used during check in should guests need to sit down –entry to the bar/lounge is through a doorway of 85cm width

Public Areas


The bar/ lounge is accessed from the rear vestibule through a 85cm width door-the floor in the bar/ lounge is a continuation of the flags from the vestibule.
Access to the bar can also be gained through a pair of French Windows in the Courtyard-these provide an opening 105cm wide over a 15cm high bar.
The bar/lounge has the original flagged floor with 2 short pile rugs as additional floor covering. There is a selection of sofas (40cm seat height) leather chairs(seat height 43cm) and also bar chairs(67cm seat height). There is easy movement around the furniture but the layout changes depending on the mix of customers.
There are 3 low tables in this room suitable for use with the furniture
There is a log burning stove in this room set in a traditional hearth which is raised 7cm from the floor.
The bar area is well lit but dimmer switches and candles are used to help create an appropriate atmosphere.
We have the facility for background music in this area dependent on guests wishes .
All drinks in the bar are served in glasses although none breakable alternatives can be requested.
We offer the bar on an honesty basis in our absence. The door into the bar is 72cm wide and is then accessed through a 75cm wide frame. The bar itself is 109cm high and glasses and bottles are on shelves which vary from 90cm to 172 cm

Dining Room

Entry to the dining room is through the bar/ lounge,165cm width, and this room has a short pile carpet.
The 5 tables are well spaced and can be moved to different configurations. They have an underspace of 65cm and a height of 73cm with legs on each corner. The dining chairs have a seat height of 45cm, high backs and are without arms. A limited number of chairs with arms can be provided if necessary.
Breakfast menus in large print are available and we are happy to list verbally if required.
Breakfast is cooked to order in our Aga and this takes time which guests have to appreciate.
The tables are decorated with fresh flowers and plants which can be moved in the case of allergies.
All our produce for breakfast is locally sourced and we carry a wide choice of options.
We do provide vegetarian alternatives as standard but can cope with all dietary requirements if notice is given when the reservation is made.

Downstairs Toilet

There is a ground floor toilet accessed through the bar/lounge through a 65cm wide door. There are 3 small steps up to the doorway. The door into the toilet is 66cm wide and there is a 50cm restriction on the turn behind the door. The light switch is 135cm from the floor.
There is a standard toilet with a wash hand basin set at 79 cm, with shelves for hand towels and liquid soaps above it at 104cm and 140 cm respectively.

Fire Door

The corridor outside the toilet gives access to a fire door leading to level flagstones on to the Courtyard area.


The five guest bedrooms are all on the first floor and accessed by a period staircase from the Hall. There is a straight run of 12 steps (17cm high, 25cm deep and 92 cm wide) followed by 4 similar steps which turn through 180 degrees on to a half landing finally a straight run of 4 steps to the first floor landing. The staircase is carpeted and has a handrail at a height of 85 cm.

Room 11

This junior suite is accessed directly from the half landing and there is a small step down into the room-10cm.The door into the room is 67cm wide and 193cm high. This room has zip and link beds, which can be set to either single or double. The mattress is at a height of 70cm. Furniture includes a sofa, writing table and chair ,coffee table and large flat screen TV but there is ample space around them. The door from the bedroom into the bathroom is 70cm wide and 199cm high and there is a 13cm step down. This room has a sunken bath which involves stepping over the bath side at a height of 33cm, the shower is over the bath. There are a range of electrical sockets in the rooms at both floor and half wall heights. The switch for the overhead lights is at 127cm from the floor. The sash windows open from both the top and bottom and the radiator temperature is controlled by a low level thermostatic valve.

Room 12

Our suite is entered from the first floor landing through a door 70cm wide and 194 cm high. Initial access is into the sitting area which has a sofa, easy chair large flat screen TV and coffee table there is ample access around these pieces.
From the sitting area there is an open arch into the large bedroom which has a writing table and chair and the wardrobe. The bed can be set either as a Kingsize or twin beds-the mattress height from the floor is 80cm. The door into the bathroom is 80cm wide and 190cm high and the bath side height is 56cm, the shower is over the bath.
Again there are a range of electrical sockets at various heights and thermostatic control valves for the radiators.

Room 14

Room 14 is accessed from the first floor landing through a door which is 68cm wide and 196cm high.
This room has the 1830’s brass and iron half tester bed frame with a mattress height of 71 cm.
The room has a sofa, coffee table, writing table and chair and a wall mounted flat screen TV with remote controls for all elements. There is ample space for movement around the room.
The bath room is entered through a door 62cm wide and 200cm high and there is a small 2cm lip as you cross the threshold.
The bath side is 55 cm high to step over and the shower is over the bath.
There is a range of electrical socket heights and the switch or the overhead lights is at 140cm from the floor. Thermostatic controls for the radiators are at floor level.

The Wing

The Wing rooms are accessed through a door from the first floor landing, this door is 64cm wide and 196 cm high.
The door leads into a straight corridor 220 cm long and 103cm wide to a 90 degree turn and two steps down which are 20cm high and 30cm deep and 80 cm wide. The width on the turn is 70cm.
At the bottom of the steps the corridor runs straight for 275cm at a width of 65cm and then turns right through 90 degrees. The corridor then runs straight for 340cm at a width of 83cm to the doors of the Wing rooms which are directly opposite each other.

Room 15

The door into this room is 63 cm wide and 196cm high. There is standard size double bed in this room with a mattress height of 69 cm. The room has a wall mounted flat screen TV, with remote controls for each element, a writing table and chair and an easy chair. There is ample space for movement around the furniture. Again there are electrical sockets at a variety of levels and the overhead light switch is 140cm from the floor. Thermostatic controls for the radiators are at floor level.
The door into the bathroom is 62cm wide and 196cm high, there is a small lip, less than 2cm, as you cross the threshold
The bathroom has a large shower unit accessed through a fixed aperture 58cm wide. There is a 20 cm step over from the bathroom floor into the shower tray.

Room 16

Entry into the room is through a door which is 67cm wide and 196cm high. This room has zip and link beds which can be set either twin or king size double, with a bed height of 80cm. There is a wall mounted flat screen TV with remote controls for each element, a writing table and chair and a sofa. Again thermostatic valves for the radiators are at floor level and electrical sockets heights vary. There is ample space for movement in the room .and the switch for overhead lighting is at 140cm from the floor.
Entry to the bathroom is though a door 62cm wide and 198cm high and there is a small lip on the threshold, less than 2 cm.
The bath side is 55cm from the floor and the shower is over the bath.

Wing Fire Exit

The fire exit is 280 cm down the corridor as you leave the rooms.
There is a “break bolt” mechanism on a door which is 60cm wide and 194cm high.
As you leave the building there is a 15cm step down on to a large step 86 cm deep.
There are then 6 steps down to ground level at a point on the path between the house and the car park. These steps are 90 cm wide, 26cm deep and around 15cm high.
There is a handrail which is at a height of 94cm from the steps.
There is a gentle slope from the bottom of these steps to the car park which is the congregation point in emergencies

The virtual tour on our website www.17burgate.co.uk gives an excellent impression of the proportions and layout of the property.

We are happy to help where possible to enable as wide a franchise as possible to enjoy a stay at one of the countries top rated properties.
If you need assistance due to any health issues, allergies or impairments this can be provided.
To discuss individual situations just ring 01751 473463 and talk to either Pat or William.